DataManager table limits? - Async support?

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DataManager table limits? - Async support?

Hello there,

Can someone help me out give me some insights on the following:

  1. Is there any limit on the number of tables that can be created?

       2. Does having an enormous amount of tables takes a toll on performance? If so, is it better to have one big table and keep a separate field that logically group my data, and that can use for query purposes?

       3. Is there any way to upload data and not have to wait for the results? I'm talking more in an asynchronous fashion, so we as developers can upload the data, get back an id and use that id to check the status of the upload.


There is a limit of 10 tables

There is a limit of 10 tables per account.


The 10 table limit does not cause any performance degradation.


The upload is asynchronous but there is no API call to verify the completeness of the upload.

There may be many records in

There may be many records in a table on which you are to build a report. After you have generated the query and designed the rough report, you may only want to preview several lines of records for testing, in which case, you can take advantage of the two properties - Maximum Rows and Maximum Duration which allow you to limit the run time and number of records, saving time and resources.