localhost to live server

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localhost to live server

i finished my development on localhost (mvc/framework/c#). and everything is working on my laptop - dev. however, when I publish to the domain e.g. www.abc.com. It is not working. Can you share with me why? and how to fix it?


window.onload = function () { placeSearch({ key: '@System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MapQuestKeyAPI"]', container: document.querySelector('#destination-place'), useDeviceLocation: true, collection: [ 'poi', 'airport', 'address', 'adminArea', ] }); placeSearch({ key: '@System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MapQuestKeyAPI"]', container: document.querySelector('#current-city-state'), useDeviceLocation: true, collection: [ 'poi', 'airport', 'address', 'adminArea', ] }); }

What errors do you see in
What errors do you see in your browser console?